Appendix II
第一部分 公共服务英语50句

1.    Good morning/ afternoon/ evening, Sir/Madam. May I help you? 先生、小姐早上/下午/晚上好,要我帮忙吗?
2.    Excuse me. 对不起。(为了引起他人注意或因为打扰别人)
3.    I am sorry. 对不起(为某事道歉)
4.    It doesn’t matter/Never mind. 没关系。
5.    You’re welcome./It’s my pleasure./Don’t mention it. 别客气
6.    Have a nice trip./Enjoy your trip./Have a pleasant stay in (China). 祝您(在中国)旅途愉快!
7.    May I have your name?/Could you please spell your name?/What is your family name/surname? 请问您尊姓大名?/请问您的姓名如何拼写?/您贵姓?/请问您大名?
8.    What is the departure time/arrival time? 飞机几点起飞/到达?
9.    It depends (on)…/I’m not quite sure. 看情况吧。/我不太确定。
10.    Very nice to meet you! 很高兴认识您。
11.    It is a direct flight. 这是直达航班。
12.    When do I have to get to the airport? 我要何时到达机场?/You should get to the airport ______ hours before departure. 您至少要在起飞前________小时到达机场。
13.    Can you tell me the telephone number of the inquiry office? 您能告诉我问讯处的电话号码吗?
14.    What is the reason for delay? Because of bad weather/mechanical difficulties/incomplete check-in procedures/poor visibility/air traffic control. 为什么延误?因为天气原因/机械原因/飞机调度原因/未完成值机程序/能见度差/空中管制。
15.    Please wait a moment… 请稍等
16.    Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. 感谢您的合作。
17.    You can book an E-ticket online or if you call 95539, we can provide you the ticket delivery free of charge. 您可在网上购买一张电子客票或打电话到95539,我们提供免费送票。
18.    I’m sorry to keep you waiting so long. 让您久等,实在抱歉。
19.    We will keep you informed. 我们将随时通知您。
20.    Please fill out this form. 请填写这张表格。
21.    It takes about _____ hours and _____ minutes. You will arrive _____ at about _____. 飞行时间是_____小时_____分钟。到达时间约_____。
22.    Special meals should be booed 24 hours before departure. 特殊旅客餐食应在起飞前二十四小时预定。
23.    I beg your pardon? 请再说一遍,好吗? / You are speaking a little bit too fast for me. Could you speak a bit slower? 您说得太快了,请说慢一点。
24.    Just a moment please. I’m going to check. 请您等一等,让我查一查。
25.    I wish I could help you but this is our company’s policy. 我真想帮您,可是我们只能按规定办理。
26.    Don’t worry. We will try our best to help you. 别担心,我们会尽力帮助您。
27.    What a pity! / I am sorry to hear that. 非常遗憾。/非常抱歉听到这事。
28.    Please call our Customer Service Call Center. The number is 95539. 请拨打电话到旅客呼叫中心,电话号码是95539。
29.    There is a shuttle bus operating between downtown and the airport. 可乘坐豪华巴士/空港快线到市区/机场。
30.    SkyTeam members are AM-AeroMexico/ AF-Air France / Az-Alitalia / OK-CSA Czech Airlines / DL-Delta Air Lines / KE-Korean Air/ CO-Continental Airlines / KL-KLM Royal Dutch Airlines / NW-Northwest Airlines 天合联盟成员有墨西哥航空/法国航空/意大利航空/捷克航空/达美航空/大韩航空/大陆航空/荷兰皇家航空/美国西北航空。
31.    What is that type of aircraft? Boeing 777 /Airbus 329/ ERJ145. 这是什么机型?波音777/空客320/喷气ERJ145。
32.    Welcome to China Southern Airlines. 欢迎乘坐中国南方航空公司航班。
33.    We’ve already sent the information to the appropriate department and they’ll inform you as soon as possible. 我们已经将有关信息送到相关部门,他们会尽早通知您。
34.    You only need to check in once if connecting to other SkyTeam flights. 联乘天合联盟航班时,之需办理一次报到登机手续。
35.    The free baggage allowance/baggage weight limit for every Economy/Business/First Class passenger is 20/30/40 kg. 免费行李经济舱/公务舱/头等舱是20/30/40kg。
36.    You can take two pieces of hand luggage within a total weight of 5 kg. 您可携带2件手提行李,重量不超出5公斤。
37.    Please go to the Transfer Counter/Connecting Counter for your next China Southern flight. 请到中转柜台。
38.    The flight number and date lease. 航班号、航班日期。
39.    Do you have a FFP mileage card? 您有里程卡吗?
40.    Please present your Sky Pearl Club membership card when making your reservation and when checking in. 请在订座和值机时出示明珠会员卡。
41.    Could you give us your telephone number and address in case of any change in your flight? 由于更改航班请留下您的电话号码和地址。
42.    Merry Christmas! / Happy New Year! 圣诞快乐/新年快乐
43.    Are you a frequent flyer of SkyTeam? I am a Member / Elite / Elite Plus 您是天合联盟的常客?我是普通会员/精英会员/超级精英会员。
44.    The flight is already fully booked because of the Guangzhou Export Commodities Fair (Canton Fair).由于广交会期间,航班已满。
45.    No problem/Of course/Certainly. We care about you! 没问题/当然了,我们更关注您。
46.    I will ask someone else to help you. Please wait just a moment. 我找别人来帮您,请稍等。
47.    Good bye! Have a nice day! 再见,祝您愉快!
48.    This is a code-share flight. 这是代码共享的航班。
49.    You may inquire with the ground staff after your arrival. 飞机到达后,您可询问地面服务人员。
50.    Breakfast/Brunch/Lunch/Dinner will be available on the flight. Snacks/Light meals/Special meals are available on this flight. 机上供应早餐/中餐/晚餐/早午餐/点心/轻便餐/特殊餐。

第二部分 业务英语

1.    Your boarding pass/card, please? Or: May I see your boarding pass? 请出示您的登机牌。
2.    Your seat is over there, 18A. The seat umber is indicated along the edge of the overhead storage compartment. 您的座位在那儿,18A。座位号就标在行李架边上。
3.    I’ll show you the seat. 我来为您带位。
4.    May I help you with your bag? 我帮您拿行李吧?
5.    Could you please step aside to allow other passengers to pass through? 您能往边上站一点让其他旅客过去吗?
6.    Ok, I’ll try to consult with the person beside him to exchange the seat with you. 行,我尽量和他边上的旅客商量一下,和您换位子。
7.    Would you mind changing your seat with another passenger? 您愿意和另一位旅客换一下座位吗?
8.    I’m sorry, sir. We have double booked. Would you mind taking another seat? 对不起,先生,这个座位重号了,您介意换另一个座位么?
9.    Would you please go back to your assigned seat for the time being? After it takes off, you may return to this seat. 请您暂时回到指定的座位好吗?等飞机起飞后您可以再回到这个座位上来。
10.    Is your luggage here, sir? 这是您的行李吗?
11.    Would you mind me putting your bag somewhere else? 您不介意我把您的包放在其他地方吧?
12.    Please don’t put your handcart in the overhead compartment. 请您不要把手推车放在行李架上。
13.    Please put it under your seat, thank you! 请把它放在您的座位下面,谢谢!
14.    Excuse me, sir. But nobody is allowed to leave baggage here as the aisle mustn’t be blocked. 对不起,先生,行李不能放在这里,过道不能被堵塞。
15.    We are waiting for a few passengers to complete boarding formalities. 我们正在等待其他几位客人办理登机手续。
16.    Please turn off your mobile phones. Thank you! 请您将手机关机,谢谢!
17.    This one is the call button, if you need us for anything, please push it. 这是呼唤铃,如果需要我们帮忙,请按一下。
18.    If there is anything I can do it for you, please don’t hesitate to call me. 如果还有什么事您需要我帮忙,请按呼唤铃。
19.    There’ll be a film on in a few minutes. 几分钟后,我们将播放电影。
20.    Excuse me, sir. Would you please return your seat back to the upright position? 对不起,先生,请将您的座椅背调直好吗?
21.    May I trouble you to put down the shade? 能劳驾您放下遮阳板吗?
22.    Please put down your table. 请您放下您的小桌板。
23.    We’ll soon be serving dinner. Here is the menu. 我们马上为您提供正餐,这是您的菜单。
24.    Would you like your whisky straight or on the rocks? 您的威士忌是直喝还是加冰块呢?
25.    What do you think about it? 您认为它怎么样?
26.    I’m terribly sorry. I’ll change it for you at once. 非常抱歉,我马上就给您换一份。
27.    Would you like to try some? 您要不要试一下?
28.    May I clear off your table if you’re through with your meal? 要是您用完餐了,我可以清理小桌板吗?
29.    It’s my pleasure to be at your service. 为您服务是我的荣幸。
30.    Sorry, sir. The lavatory is occupied now. please wait a moment. 对不起,先生,洗手间有人,请您稍等。
31.    No smoking is allowed in the lavatories. 在洗手间内是不能吸烟的。
32.    It’s turbulence. Please return to your seat, sir. 飞机有点颠簸,请您回到您的座位上去,先生。
33.    Would you like to buy some duty free items? 您要买点机上的免税品吗?
34.    Here is your change, sir. Thank you very much. 这是找您的零钱,谢谢!
35.    No, thanks. It’s my pleasure to service you. We don’t accept tips. 不,谢谢。能为您服务是我们的荣幸,我们不收小费。
36.    Have you ever suffered from airsickness before? You’re probably airsick. 您曾晕过机吗?您可能是晕机。
37.    The airsickness bag is in your seat pocket in front of you. 清洁袋在您前方的座椅口袋里。
38.    How are you feeling now? 您觉得怎么样了?
39.    Please leave your name, address, telephone number and everything about your handbag. 请留下您的姓名、地址、电话号码和有关您手提包的细节。
40.    If we have any information about it, we will get in contact with you. 如果我们有消息会立刻与您联系的。
41.    How many meals have you supplied for the First Class? How many for the Economy and the crew? 请问头等舱配了多少份餐,经济舱和机组餐呢?
42.    Oh, by the way, are there any special meals for special passengers? 哦,对了,有配特殊餐吗?
43.    You are requested to complete the entry formalities at the arrival hall. 您须去进港大厅办理入关手续。
44.    Beijing is one hour behind Tokyo. 北京比东京晚一个小时。
45.    I’m not quite sure, you’d better inquire at the information Counter in the Arrival lobby. They will be helpful. 我不敢肯定,您最好去大厅问讯处问一下,他们会帮助您的。
46.    Please go to the transit counter on the second floor to go through the connection formalities. 请到二楼中转柜台办理转机手续。
47.    Don’t worry, sir. If you miss the flight, go to the ticket counter and they’ll make a new arrangement for you. 别着急,先生,如果您赶不上转机的航班的话,去售票柜台他们会为您安排的。
48.    That’ll be done by our airlines. Please don’t worry about it. 我们公司会做安排的,请不要担心。
49.    You can get your belongings ready for disembarkation. 您可以拿着行李下飞机了。
50.    Please watch your step, ma’ma. It’s very slippery outside. 女士,请您小心脚下,外面路很滑。

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